"It doesn't matter about:

     the amount of your knowledge...

     the depth of your skill...

     or the desire of your heart...

     If you can't communicate your message... it's over!"

                                                              ---John Fallon


All breakout sessions, trainings and workshops
are based on concepts stemming from
“The Presentation Secrets of Billy Joel” Keynote Address

Storytelling... Channeling your own “Scenes from an Italian Restaurant” for a Signature Story

You don’t have to be the next “Piano Man” Billy Joel to write and deliver stories that deliver a point like those in the songs “Leningrad”, “Allentown” and “The Downeaster Alexa”. What you need to know is how to choose / develop / deliver your story so that it supports your point and touches the audience’s hearts and minds. In this session, you’ll discover the process of story “development”, story “telling” and story “performing”.

Intentionally Designing Your Message... a “Say Goodbye to Hollywood” to “Summer Highland Falls” Contrast

In all Billy Joel’s songs and addresses, he has a message to deliver to his audiences. You have a message to deliver too. But, do you really know how to intentionally and effectively design your message for the ultimate audience experience? In presentations, without structural, delivery and emotional contrast, you'll just be another one of those mediocre presenters presenting those same old boring presentations containing messages that no one will remember after they leave the hall. You might as well have sent your presentation as an email or an interoffice document. With John Fallon, learn to discover the core message you need to make your message impactful and delivered with the skill of a pro.

YOUR Platform Skills... sometimes it's about “Everybody Loves You Now ”

"Baby all the lights are turned on you--- now you're in the center of the stage. Everything relies on what you do, you are in your prime you've come of age". As Billy Joel says in his song “The Entertainer”… you can’t be “just another serenader in another rock and roll band” and you might find your platform skills won't be having the audience sing "Everybody Loves You Now" to be a successful presenter. Developing the “Platform Skills” you need that supports your message is only part of the presentation equation. The physical and vocal skills that you possess to communicate with your audience are essential for message delivery and the audience experience. Join John Fallon as we discover the skills we have and the skills we need to hone to be more effective, engaging and successful presenters on the stage--- and in the classroom.

Presenter - Audience Relationships... “Getting It Right the First Time”

Your relationship with your audience needs to be established in the first 8 to 30 seconds of your presentation. So, just like Billy Joel… you need to “Get It Right the First Time”. In life, establishing and building relationships are incredibly difficult. If that’s so, how does Billy Joel so quickly establish rapport with both his concert and keynote audiences? The answer is simple… it’s about knowing yourself as a presenter, knowing the members of your audience and having the desire to put the needs of the audience above your own… making your presentation an experience for your audience first… and then ultimately--- you..

Humor... Being “Just the Way You Are”

When it comes to including humor in a presentation, you’ll find that I believe there’s nothing funny about humor and you just have to be yourself. Humor is one of the most difficult and misused techniques incorporated into many presentations. I hate to break your heart but, humor isn’t just about joke telling… and chances are you aren’t going to be the next Jerry Seinfeld. Billy Joel, on the other hand, has mastered his humor components when in a presentation environment. Join John to learn many of the same tricks and techniques both Billy Joel and professional presenters / speakers use during their presentations.

Presentation Anxiety... and suddenly you’re feeling the “Pressure”

Just ask any performer. If they say that they’re not nervous about walking out in front of an audience, they’re either a fool or a liar. Unfortunately, in many cases, we’re used to lying, not only to others… but to ourselves. Presentation or performance anxiety can be a good thing if you know how to control and channel that anxiety. Join John to discover some tips to controlling and eliminating your anxiety before you deliver that next “Big” presentation.

Q&A and Improv... “And So It Goes”

You’ve finished your presentation and you were stellar. Now begins your Q&A when suddenly it’s like you’ve never been in front of an audience before. Your presentation flops, you shrug your shoulders and think… “And So It Goes”. Improv can be just like a Q&A session after your presentation is finished. How are you going to handle what maybe some difficult questions concerning your message with no additional preparation time? When Billy Joel delivers his Q&A style presentation “An Evening of Questions & Answers with Billy Joel… and a little music”, he may be able to anticipate what questions audience members will ask… but not ALL the time. How you prepare in answering audience questions is essential to the audience experience, your credibility and the message “takeaways”. In this session, we’ll explore some techniques that will make your Q&A’s more successful and less stressful.

Don’t sing “I Go To Extremes”… 10 Tips to Design Your PowerPoints

You may not find “visual supports” for when Billy Joel delivers a Keynote presentation but when was the last time you went to a Billy Joel concert and didn’t see OUTSTANDING visual support for the performance on stage? Let's face it… We've all experienced it. It's the PowerPoint / visual support part of a presentation we never, ever wanted to endure. PowerPoint presentations can make or break a message, a sale or a training session. All it takes is a combination of poor graphics, text, colors, images and animations to completely turn your audience off. When the audience is turned off, the message isn't delivered. Through this humorous, engaging and entertaining session, learn some of the elements that combine to create an outstanding PowerPoint presentation.

Pecha Kucha Presentations... “Cutting It Down to 3:05”

What is Pecha Kucha??? PechaKucha is a simple presentation format where you show 20 images, each for 20 seconds. The images forward automatically and you talk along to the images. The difficulty comes when your message construction, delivery skills and technology collide in an unforgiving timed scenario. Your entire presentation takes only six minutes and forty seconds. “3:05” isn’t exactly “6:40” but the idea’s the same. Do you have the ability to consistently design and deliver an effective PK presentation? Do you know the secret for success? This session will not only hone your presentation delivery skills but also allows you to gain the needed confidence to be successful. Just like Billy Joel discovered with making his songs commercially successful… sometimes you have to “cut it down to 3:05”.

IGNITE Your Flipped Classroom... “We Need to Start the Fire”

Instructional / Lecture videos developed by the Khan Academy and TED-Ed are awesome for those focused students in AP and Honors level classes, but what about the students that don't have the focus / self-discipline to watch 16 to 25 minute videos to prepare for their next class? The solution is… “We Need to Start the Fire” for those students and John Fallon can show you how to take your content and PowerPoint to develop 5 minute instructional videos for your Flipped Classroom.