"It doesn't matter about:

     the amount of your knowledge...

     the depth of your skill...

     or the desire of your heart...

     If you can't communicate your message... it's over!"

                                                              ---John Fallon


"Awesome interaction with usage of song and messaging. M. Hayes Hartwell, Columbia, SC"

"John is an energetic dynamic speaker who makes the information fun and the learning process painless. Eric Lehmann, Louisville, KY"

"He was so well informed and passionate about his content.I thoroughly enjoyed this session and will use EVERYTHING obtained! Tonya Davis, Columbia SC"

"John is outstanding! I'd like to get him for a full day of training for professional development. Dr. Cynthia Pitts SC Pathways"

“John and I have worked together on several web, power point, and ebook innovations, designs, and implementations. John's integrity, creativity, expertise, and determined, enthusiastic excellence have resulted in superlative finished products. Consequently, John has my highest recommendation Bobby Dauman MAPP” University of Pennsylvania

"Simply put, John Fallon is a PRO! He is knowledgeable, helpful and willing to share his expertise in a positive and empowering way. I would not hesitate to recommend John to others and look forward to using him again in the future.” John Bishop Accent On Success, Executive Director St. Louis MN

“John Fallon has been a great influence on me in the time I have known him. John is a born leader and can see the best way to bring out the best in any group to get the job done. John can see what needs to be done and the best way to complete the task. He is smart and talented. I would trust John Fallon with any project.” Todd Sharp Sales Manager GE Atlanta GA

“I had the privilege of seeing John at a speaker showcase and was impressed. He had a strong presence, polished platform skills and a great use of metaphors to engage the audience through personal relevance and a meaningful message. Edie Raether, President, Edie Raether Enterprises Hickory NC

"John is a talented and gifted speaker who has the drive and tenacity to develop new techniques which enhance his already existing skills. I highly recommend John as a speaker, and trainer.” Tom Mucciolo, President, MediaNet, Inc. NY, NY

“I have had the priviledge of being in one of John's audiences. He instantly captures the attention of the group and holds you til the end. John is a terrific speaker!!!” Patrick Henry Owner, Henry Associates Greensboro, NC

“John is a bright and gifted presenter who can cover many topics with ease. I find his creativity, expertise and fresh approach a delight to be around--wish we had more like him!” Elizabeth Power, CEO, EPower & Associates, Inc Nashville, TN

“John Fallon is committed to helping others reach their full potential through presentation skills and presentation of self. He is an enthusiastic entrepreneur who has a tremendous amount of talent and a very powerful message to deliver. For top-notch professionalism, look no further.” Denise Tucker, Owner, Freelance Writer and Consultant Lincolnton, NC

"I have had the pleasure of attending several of John's speaking engagements. John is a dynamic speaker, who captivates his audience from his first breath to the last. I have recommended John Fallon to friends and clients (something I rarely do) and he always exceeds expectations.” Stacy Dibble Leighton, Owner, CCS Knoxville TN

“Over the years, I've known John Fallon as a multi-talented and passionate educator. John is a visionary, having mastered learning patterns for individuals of all ages. His motivational messages are more than mere lipservice. He speaks of excellence from direct experience; as one who's excelled in a wide variety of areas and who's coached many people to their peak capabilities. I highly recommend John as an Speaker, educator, motivator, and coach.” Steve Taubman, Owner, The Entertainment Solution Burlington, VT

“John is a professional in my industry who specializes in presentations for education, which is a niche I believe is very important. Based on our previous communications I think he is highly skilled in this field.” Tom Bunzel, Principal, Presentation Professor Los Angeles, CA

“I consult with John periodically in order to re-focus on goals and brush up on presentation skills. John is honest, helpful and good-natured, and I know I can always count on him for great advice and a little laugh.” Tom Farrell, TMF Law Offices, NY NY

“John has the unique ability to connect the dots between need and solution. He is also tireless in making sure planning and execution are carried out with the utmost professionalism. He is also very concerned with all involved on a personal level - understanding their individual goals in the process. This unique human element to his approach is refreshing and makes for valued and long relationships that benefit both parties. Please feel free to reach out to me personally if you have specific questions.” Bryan Lubeck, Director Of Sales/Marketing, Quantum Connections, LLC Chicago, IL

" John's presentation was phenomenal ! He immediately captivated the audience with a catchy hook, innovative delivery techniques and use of advanced technology. His enthusiasm and passion for his work was evident in this showcase of natural talent. According to survey results, the audience was in such awe of his presentational skills they would love for him to present at the next ELA workshop!" Idasa Cobb, ELA Instructional Specialist Oconee County School District--- Walhalla SC

“ You provided our teachers with the necessary tools to grow as communicators, as well as aid in their student's development in this area. The concrete strategies you imparted upon our teachers has them now looking at presentations as a kind of performance. Your engaging presentation taught great technique and provided valuable resources. Teachers and students will now be more confident with themselves and their business." Steve Mariotti, President and Founder, NFTE (National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship)

“In previous sessions of training, I was near death in my ability to focus on the presenter. Your presentation changed my view of presentations in general ." Aaron Ramey, Augusta , GA

“This presentation was most useful and provided me with tools to develop life-long skills to be successful." Hester G. McFadden, Fort Dorchester High School , North Charleston , SC

“ John is a GREAT motivator . VERY EMPOWERING!!!" Patricia Moody, Greenville , SC

“Finally, a workshop that is interactive, practical and fun !" Nancy Harper, Walhalla, SC

“I have heard John Fallon present on more than one occasion. He is a passionate, engaging communicator. His zest for life and education flows through his words. Consider having John at your next event.” Gene Burgess, Owner, YourCheerleader.com, Professional Speaker May 9, 2009

“I've had the pleasure of working beside John on the board of the National Speakers Association Carolinas Chapter. I've also been in the audience as he's presented and facilitated learning workshops. John is first and foremost a professional. He's committed and passionate about his work and topic. John's ability to take complex information and present it in a useful, practical, and fun manner makes him perfect as a presenter/instructor/or facilitator for your organization. John Fallon's the real deal both personally and professionally, stop sitting through boring learning experiences and bring John to your organization...you'll look good for making that decision.” Rich Schlentz, Founder, EXTRAordinary! Inc. December 12, 2010

“John spoke to our Speakers Association Chapter about how to use PowerPoint effectively. He was entertaining, engaging, clear, and concise- and it was obvious he spent a lot of time preparing for his presentation. I recommend John for anybody looking for a trained speaker. He will put in the time and preparation necessary. And his points about how to use PowerPoint are great.” Kelly Swanson, Owner, Swanson Speaks November 25, 2010

“John is a guy you want on your team. His lifelong experience as an educator gives him unique insights on speaking and teaching. Every time I see him present I am struck by the clarity and creativity of his message. I have also served on the board of the National Speakers Association - Carolinas Chapter for several years with John. If all association board members were like him life would be much better for all of us. He is a team player who understands the mission of the organization and is able to bring his wisdom and can-do attitude to even the most contentious debates. Simply stated - John is a professional I enjoy collaborating with.” Wally Adamchik CMC, CSP, Owner, FireStarter Speaking November 27, 2010

“I had the pleasure of meeting John as a member of Toastmasters International. I am the Area 43 Governor for his home club. I have seen a lot of speakers and John's presentations are not to be missed! John is a speaker who can move audiences with his words and speaking ability. John has a talent to relate to his audiences in any situation. John has an amazing gift and I highly recommend him. He is a pleasure just to know!” Steve Marquis, Print Shop Supervisor, BI-LO, LLC November 29, 2010

“One of the most organized and experienced presenters with whom I've had the pleasure of working." David Dennis, Seneca , SC

“When I heard John speak in another session, I knew I wanted to be part of his learning and teaching experience. John's session is so valuable to anyone who wants to communicate with others" Sarah Devault, Keowee , SC

“John helps you inspect yourself... and raise your expectations. It's very positive and constructive ." Bob Mauro, Clemson , SC

Congratulations, excellent and creative slide show. Carmen María Pérez San José, Costa Rica

You are truly a leader, visionary, creative and enthusiastic presenter, teacher. Best educational PPS I ever saw. Congrats Chacko Kumplam West Haven CT

John, A good focused approach for a topic every individual is interested in. Consultgenie Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Hi John, excellent PPT with a great last slide with very useful recommendations. Miguel Cavalcanti Piracicaba, Brazil

Inspirational! Thanks - Your slideshow has reminded me once again that, 'nothing ventured, nothing gained'. Nicole Johnson Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

"I can now feel better about explaining graphic and picture changes. Lisa Nelson, Blackville SC"

"I use powerpoints to grab and hold my students attention- but it doesn't always work. I now have the tools to improve my powerpoints! My students would thank you if they could- but since they can't- I will! Abby Brunson, Chester County Schools"

"There is such a push to try the latest new thing, but this showed me how to keep my powerpoints new, exciting and expand on a program I already use! Very informative! Brea Amick, Prosperity SC"