"It doesn't matter about:

     the amount of your knowledge...

     the depth of your skill...

     or the desire of your heart...

     If you can't communicate your message... it's over!"

                                                              ---John Fallon



Teachers as Presenters is a combination of classroom instruction (using John's "teaching by example" technique) and a one-man stage show packed with humor, key points, highly engaging personal stories and, of course, the music of Billy Joel. Just because of the entertainment style of delivery, don’t think this is just a show with no "bang for the buck". This program is hard hitting with take-away's every member of the audience will be able to use the next day, making it a presentation that audience members won't soon forget.

     Whether John is used as a keynote speaker or in a workshop, Teachers as Presenters is all about being the best you can be! John's message builds enthusiasm, confidence & excitement for everyone in the audience! Your team will leave inspired, informed and entertained through this powerful and entertaining program.  It's the perfect solution to combat the tired, boring meetings we're used to attending.

     Teachers as Presenters is an entertaining, educational and an audience participation program delivered with flair.  Plus, for you conference planners... it's the perfect program to build your event theme around.

And oh yeah... they'll also have fun, laugh alot, hear some great stories, and will talk about this being their favorite session of any presentation or conference!

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: (Keynote - 1 Hr / Breakout - 90-Minutes / Workshop - 3 Hr)

  The Presentation Secrets of ... Billy Joel????

     What presentation attributes does Billy Joel have that we need to know and use? Well, showmanship, story telling and relationship building to name a few. These attributes develop a following and create a reputation of excellence. When you have fans, your worries about your next presentation are over. Most presenters look alike, sound alike and talk alike. The most successful speakers and presenters know how to make themselves different from the rest. Discover what it takes and what you have to do to create / design that next Presentation success !

     For every successful presentation, there is a presenter who has mastered message development, has polished platform skills and designs effective image support materials in PowerPoint. You can be that presenter. The days where just a PowerPoint presentation or a "read from a script" packaged report was considered your presentation is over. Just like with Billy Joel lyrics, for the message to be heard, believed and acted on, you as the presenter must be motivational, inspiring and engaging. Not everyone has the knowledge or skill sets they need to be a successful presenter, but they aren't difficult to learn and contrary to popular belief... good presenters are MADE not BORN. As presenters, it's in our best interests to make a good impression on our audiences because whether we like it or not, people make an impression about who we are in as little as eight seconds, then judge whether they want to work with us based on an impression. Most times that impression the audience sees is different than how we see ourselves. Billy Joel has been around for quite awhile--- what's his secret???

     The Presentation Secrets of ... Billy Joel???? takes an inside look at how our favorite speakers and presenters use showmanship, platform skills and message construction to transform a presentation into an experience. John pulls back the curtain to reveal the design techniques of how it’s done and shows you new and creative ways to maximize the potential of success for your next presentation.

By attending this presentation audience members will learn…

•    Key attributes that real PROS use to WOW their audience!
•    The #1 idea that will help your next presentation.
•    The importance of entertaining, engaging, and personalizing a presentation.
•    The #1 secret to move your presentation from average to awesome.


PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: (Keynote- 1HR / Breakout- 90 minutes / Workshop 3 hrs.


Teachers as Presenters… Shifting Paradigms

Whether we like it or not… Teachers are Presenters.     

About ten years ago, I had a conversation concerning presenters, presentations and presentation skills with fellow NSA member and Business Performance Expert Joe Calloway who said, “Teachers are Presenters… they just haven’t figured it out yet. Teachers need to have the same skills and perform at the same level that professional presenters demonstrate when they are delivering a presentation to a board of highly influential business executives. The only real difference between the skill sets demonstrated by either is the venue… the boardroom or the classroom”.

     And it’s so true. After being in the classroom for almost 40 years, I believe that every time a teacher steps in front of the classroom to teach a lesson, it needs to be delivered with the same “sense of high stakes urgency” that top performing business presenters deliver presentations in the business sector.

     All presentations, whether in the Education or Business sector, are about change, selling, performance and teaching. In the classroom, to impact student achievement… isn’t that what teachers are supposed to do…engage students to impact change and improve performance?  As teachers, we’re always selling… whether it’s our knowledge, skills or content and trying to motivate and convince our “audience” to buy by making them WANT to buy what we’re selling.

     Today, due to public outcry, if teachers didn’t feel they had a vested interest concerning student achievement and student disengagement, they do now when their professional evaluations and income are now linked to those same over OR underperforming students. In addition to student achievement improvement, teachers themselves will experience a renewed “joy” of teaching.

     Unfortunately, there are many teachers who don’t have or demonstrate these presentation skills. This could be a result of “teacher burnout” or being “in a rut” for the experienced teachers, lack of time to hone presentation skills for the novice teacher, or for those who may never of had the opportunity or experience to consistently deliver presentations in a college educational program or a High School Teacher Cadet program. “Presenters are MADE not BORN”. John Fallon and the Teachers are Presenters program can assist you with helping to “Make” presenters by providing you with the opportunity for Educator Professional Development.

By attending this session, audience members will learn…

·         How to match and improve their message design to meet the needs of varying audiences from the ballroom… to the boardroom… to the classroom.

·         The #1 way to improve any message by weaving personal stories and storytelling into any presentation.

·         The quickest ways to improve their own platform delivery skills and develop audience relationships.

·         How to lower “student disengagement” issues and motivate students to higher achievement in their classrooms.

     Whether needing a Keynote or breakout session, John Fallon’s style and approach (The Presentation Secrets of Billy Joel) to instructing groups or individuals at National, State or Association Education conferences, District in-services or School training sessions is unparalleled. John is also available to talk with students in a classroom or assembly environment in High School Teacher Cadet or College Education / Teacher Programs.


"Can't" is Just a Four Letter Word
Changing Attitudes from Negative to Positive
(Keynote Only)

How many times have we allowed someone to determine our destiny just by telling us that we "can't"? Has the word "can't" ever stood between us and career advancement? Why do we allow the word "can't" to control our life and attitude?

To many people, the word "can't" is an insurmountable obstacle that can ruin one's life. It doesn't have to because... everyone must realize that "Can't" is just a four letter word.

"Can't" is just a four letter word puts our self belief system under a microscope, determines how it affects us psychologically and prepares us for success or failure..

By attending this presentation audience members will learn…

•    Attitude can be everything.
•    How to turn negatives into positives.
•    The importance of believing in yourself.
•    The #1 secret to becoming successful.