"It doesn't matter about:

     the amount of your knowledge...

     the depth of your skill...

     or the desire of your heart...

     If you can't communicate your message... it's over!"






Presentations are about CHANGE...

Presentations are about SELLING...

Presentations are about PERFORMANCE...

Presentations are about TEACHING...

BUT... Isn't that what TEACHERS are SUPPOSED to do???


     About ten years ago, I had a conversation concerning presenters, presentations and presentation skills with fellow NSA member and Business Performance Expert Joe Calloway who said, “Teachers are Presenters… they just haven’t figured it out yet. Teachers need to have the same skills and perform at the same level that professional presenters demonstrate when they are delivering a presentation to a board of highly influential business executives. The only real difference between the skill sets demonstrated by either is the venue… the boardroom or the classroom”.

     And it’s so true. After being in the classroom for almost 40 years, I believe that every time a teacher steps in front of the classroom to teach a lesson, it needs to be delivered with the same “sense of high stakes urgency” that top performing business presenters deliver presentations in the business sector.

     For me, a “presentation” is a “presentation”, whether in the business or education sector. All presentations on some level are about change, selling, performance and teaching. Isn’t that what teachers do? Just by being a teacher we have to change the mindsets of our students to be open to new ideas and experiences. As teachers, are always selling… whether it’s our knowledge, skills or content and trying to convince our “audience” to buy by making them WANT to buy what we’re selling. We “perform” for students all the time in order to keep their attention, motivation and participation. And finally, we teach because that’s what we enjoy, what we’re passionate about and we’re “good at it”.

     Fortunately for many students, their teachers have and demonstrate many of these essential presentation skills found in high performing business presenters. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, there are many teachers who don’t have or demonstrate these presentation skills. This could be a result of “teacher burnout” or being “in a rut” for the experienced teachers, lack of time to hone presentation skills for the novice teacher, or for those who may never of had the opportunity to consistently deliver presentations in a college educational program or a High School Teacher Cadet program.

     With that said, we have to remember that not everyone has the knowledge or skill sets they need to be a successful presenter, but they aren't difficult to learn and contrary to popular belief... “Presenters are MADE not BORN. Teachers as Presenters can assist you with helping to “Make” presenters by providing you with the opportunity for Educator Professional Development. Whether needing a Keynote or breakout session, John Fallon’s style and approach (The Presentation Secrets of Billy Joel) to instructing groups or individuals at National, State or Association Education conferences, District in-services or School training sessions is unparalleled. John is also available to talk with students in a classroom or assembly environment in High School Teacher Cadet or College Education / Teacher Programs.

     For more information as to the services John Fallon and Teachers as Presenters can offer to you, please feel free to visit the other pages on this site for further information… or better yet, contact John today directly at 864.933.2633 or teachersaspresenters@gmail.com

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